About Blippar

As augmented reality jobs go, one at Blippar is hard to beat. We are a rapidly expanding technology company at the forefront of a brand new industry, so working here offers real opportunities to shape an innovative technology and the way in which people use it.

Because of this, we like working with imaginative people who think outside the box, and we love people who throw the whole box away and build something completely new. Our bright, open, centrally located offices are energetic environments bursting with collaborative ideas and boundless enthusiasm.

Aside from being part of an exciting, driven, super-friendly team that will nurture your talents and help you grow, at Blippar you’ll find plenty more tangible benefits, including weekly free lunches and evening drinks.

You’ll also be working intimately, from the start, with some of the world’s biggest brands - from Coca Cola and Nestle to P&G and Jaguar.

As a young, growing company spearheading the exciting augmented reality and computer vision industries, the biggest perk of all is the creative control you’ll be afforded, whether you’re part of the design, tech, commercial or marketing teams.

After all, we think our people are amazing, so we want them to stick around.

Current openings

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